Welcome to Positive Futures Careers and Development Toolkit.

The toolkit is designed to

Instil careers and employability values into young people

Enable young people to make positive choices

Help young people as they explore subject, training, education or employment choices.

Help parents and carers looking for guidance on how to help their children and young people at home.

Support Positive Futures Mentors as they advise and guide children and young people through subject, careers and employability choices

Five Key Areas

Our five toolkits include:

Making an Early Start
(Years 7 to 9)

Positive Choices
(Years 10 to 11)

A Leap into the Future
(Years 12 and 13)

Guidance for Parents and Carers

Guidance for Coaches and Mentors

Each section of the toolkit contains useful tips and strategies, resources, contacts and

information to help raise educational and career aspirations.


You can use the toolkit together with any information, research, support provided by your

school, careers guidance teams and teachers.


For further information about this toolkit or to ask about other support opportunities

please contact info@positivefuturesgroup.org