Through the work we do in Africa, we provide orphans, street children and young people in one parent homes or extended families an equal chance to education. This is achieved by providing them with education kits and after school programmes to combat poor health and poverty, and increase access to formal and social education.

The education kits include uniforms, shoes, school bags, stationery, textbooks and study materials. The beneficiaries are provided with a hot school meal on school days, which makes all the difference to their health, energy levels and nutrition.

One-to-one mentoring support is also given, so each child has a personal development and career plan. This ensures their education plays a leading role, giving them a focus to meet their targets. The final element of the project enables health support interventions, including health checks and screenings to prevent ill health, for example, dental checks and nutritional screenings.

Selection Criteria:

Our main criterion is that beneficiaries are orphans or have one parent. The children are usually identified by teachers who are in the ideal position to notice when children attend school without educational kits or spot those who are always hungry. This way we can ensure our project activities reach those who are most in need. We also ask for evidence that their guardian or parent has no source of income and they can’t afford the educational kits. Our local coordinator will then visit them and assess their situation and verify their background.