The Positive Future Group supports both young girls and boys in London via our personal development, empowerment and leadership programmes. Our aim is to encourage young people to create positive, exciting futures, challenging and motivating them to believe in themselves, to aim high in school/college, work or leisure, to develop social skills, and to manage adolescence and choose healthier lifestyles. In addition to the leadership development seminars, we also run FREE Study Support Sessions to help those who are falling behind in Maths & English.

The overall aim of our Youth Leadership Programme is to help teenagers aged 11 to 17 years develop a healthy self-esteem and understanding of their own significance in the world. This comprises equipping them with the ability to recognise their true worth, to love themselves and appreciate their own bodies, personal development, to be able to set goals, and identifying their gifts and talents. We will also tackle other relevant issues like how to deal with negative peer pressure and how to develop healthy relationships. We also offer homework support.

As part of the programme the young people will have access to trained youth leaders, who will be available to support them throughout the programme. These programmes are delivered in seven sessions over the course of the year, with a graduation ceremony for those who complete at least five sessions.