Creative Problem Solving and Research Skills Workshop

Eton X College: Creative Problem Solving and Research Skills Workshop

Hey there! How’s your New Year resolution going?
Great learning and development opportunities for you and your youthful friends are open for registration. Our Creative problem solving and Research skills online workshops will engage your curious brilliant mind. If you don’t already have these workshops in your youth group, school or community, this will be your best option.

  • It is free and it is for youths in year 11 and year 13.
  • It prepares you for exams and the future
  • It is online and you can attend in the comfort of your home.
  • It engages your mind during this lockdown.
  • It helps develop your mental wellbeing.
  • You get to interact with other youths across Africa and England.
  • And there are so much more benefits to gain from this.

Positive Futures Group is an award-winning charity in London that create opportunities for youths to develop their skills and enables you to reach full potentials.
We are running this free online workshops in collaboration with the Eton College, Berkshire and these are for you in year 13 and year 11. You will learn various skills from our various educational programs including Research skills and Creative Problem-solving Skills.
The next event is on Saturday the 9th of January 2021 at 11 AM and 1 PM respectively.

Please join us and invite your friends along.
Follow the link below and come to connect with other youths your age.

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